James Jarrell - NJ Tutor

Mr. James Jarrell, B.S., M.A.

Expertise: All levels of Mathematics and Physics

Mr. Jarrell earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics from Montclair State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Mr. Jarrell is a  distinguished Calculus and Physics teacher who is sought out by students of every level. He taught at Sparta High School for over 15 years, where he revolutionized the science curriculum. Mr. Jarrell introduced a new program at Sparta, that allowed the top 25 students in eighth grade to be placed in an honors physics class their freshman year, where several achieved a perfect score on the AP Physics exam. Mr. Jarrell also started a bio-diesel project that converts vegetable oil into usable energy that can fuel a variety of things from cars to the heating system in the high school. Mr. Jarrell has taught at Mountain Lakes High School, where he continued to push the best and brightest students in AP Calculus and Physics, to achieve their goals. Mr. Jarrell opened an educational business in 2015, where he created SAT, ACT, and AP Prep courses, Test Simulations, and the Young Engineers program, now known as M.E.C. Academy. Mr. Jarrell is a constant learner. He constantly works on perfecting his craft and is currently creating a series of videos for Jarrell Education and M.E.C. Academy. As the owner of Jarrell Education, Mr. Jarrell continues to run the highest quality tutoring/educational business in the area.

Dr. John Hier- NJ Tutor

Dr. John Hier, B.A., M.A., D.Litt.

Expertise: All levels of English including AP, college essays, ACT & SAT Prep

  • B.A. in English Literature from William Paterson University
  • M.A. in English Literature from William Paterson University
  • D.Litt. in Literature and Psychology from Drew University

Dr. Hier is a tutor at Jarrell Education, where he is charged with the teaching of all aspects of standardized English.  Dr. Hier has served in this capacity many times over.  He has been tutoring privately for 15 years and, in addition, has worked for multiple learning centers over the course of those same 15 years.  In that time, he has provided tutoring primarily for standardized test-taking, specifically for the SAT, ACT, and the GRE.  Dr. Hier has also provided tutoring for English basic skills and the College Essay.  Such an array of experience was made possible only by way of his 25 plus years of teaching at both the secondary and university levels, where he continues to sedulously hone his skills and knowledge.

Although he has served as adjunct professor at both Passaic County Community College and Centenary College, Dr. Hier has spent the better part of his teaching career at the secondary level, teaching high school English to an extremely varied student body by way of an extremely varied curriculum.  His first full-time assignment was in 1993 at Clifton High School, which at the time boasted a student body of upwards of 4,000 students.  While there, Dr. Hier managed to instruct and interact with many of these students, teaching every grade at every competency level, thus providing him with a welcomed and well-rounded education of the teaching profession.  From there, he moved to Sparta High School, where he has been employed since 2003.  At SHS, Dr. Hier has had the good fortune to be given the freedom to craft curriculum for specialized courses designed to replicate the college experience.  Most of these courses are of an interdisciplinary nature, as revealed in such titles as Foreign Film Studies, Psychology in Literature, and English Origins & Accents.  Such pedagogical endeavors have afforded him the opportunity not only to teach new and exciting course material but also to allow him to continue the scholarly learning he so covets.

Dr. Hier has been a student longer than he has been a teacher.  His academic odyssey in higher education began at William Paterson University back in 1985, where within the first year he declared English as his desired major.  As a result of a particularly dynamic professor teaching a particularly dynamic course, he became mesmerized by the psychological dimensions of literature, which has stuck with him ever since.  Not only did he create a whole class premised upon it, but his doctoral dissertation centers on the psychological treatment of American literature of the nineteenth century.  He is currently at work revising it with the hope of seeing it soon published.

Joanna Alemany

Mrs. Joanna Alemany, B.A., M.A.

Expertise: Reading and writing

Mrs. Alemany received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rutgers University and Masters of Arts in Teaching English from Montclair State University. She currently teaches juniors and seniors at a private high school in Bergen County. Mrs. Alemany specializes in reading and writing and is currently teaching Honors British Literature, Journalism, and Creative Writing. In addition, she has taught World Literature and Honors English. Mrs. Alemany helps her students through the college essay writing process and understands the needs of students to create dynamic college essays that make them shine. Teaching is her passion and she truly enjoys helping her students thrive academically.
Jim Rutzler

Mr. Jim Rutzler, B.A., M.S.

Expertise: Physics

Mr. Rutzler earned a B.A. in Science Education as a Physics Major and an M.S. in Physics from N.J.I.T. He has been a dedicated teacher and coach for over 35 years. Most recently, as the Science department supervisor and AP Physics C and Calculus BC teacher at Chatham High School and Pope John XXIII. In addition to his extensive experience in the upper-level Physics courses, Mr. Rutzler has taught Honors Chemistry, Algebra, IPS, Computer Math, Environmental Science, Biology, Electronics, and Consumer Science. His professional recognitions include; Teacher of the Year, NJBISEC, 1994, Teacher’s Service Award, 1995, Distinguished Teacher Award, 1997, Past Chairperson and Founder of the Conqueror of the Hill Engineering Contest at Lucent Tech, presenter at the NJSTA Conventions and NSTA regional conferences, and the All-Area Coach of the Year for Cross Country in 1994, 2000, 2002, 2003 and Track in 1999 and 2000. Mr. Rutzler is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated teacher and we feel very fortunate to have him as one of Jarrell Education’s teachers.

Amanda Dupuy

Dr. Amanda Dupuy, B.S., Ph.D.

Expertise: Biology, Chemistry, SAT II Science Subject tests, and AP Science Exams

Dr. Dupuy graduated in the summer of 2015 with her Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics from the University of Connecticut and received her Bachelor of Science in Forensics from the University of Central Florida. She has recently worked as a research and development assistant. In addition to her real-world experience in diagnostic molecular pathology, designing and analyzing experiments to confirm novel RNA, validating assays for clinical use, and more, Dr. Dupuy has enjoyed tutoring for over a decade. She has experience teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. In her free time, she likes to do puzzles, skate, play games, and tap dance.

Mr. Matt Trokan, B.S. M.A.

Expertise: AP Governments and Politics, AP History, Spanish

Mr. Trokan has been a Social Studies teacher for the past eight years and has been teaching Advanced Placement United States History as well as Advanced Placement Comparative Governments and Politics for the past four school years at Vernon High School. As an AP United States History teacher, he has rebuilt the program at his school and has overseen a dramatic increase to the average passing rate on the AP US History exam in his district. Mr. Trokan also instructs students in debate and writing as part of a Model UN program that he advises at his school. Prior to returning to New Jersey, he spent a school year teaching English as a foreign language in Chile as a volunteer with the United Nations Human Development Programme, after completing his master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. Additionally, Mr. Trokan attained his bachelor’s degree in History at The College of New Jersey where he also minored in Latin American Studies and obtained his teaching credentials. Mr. Trokan is also certified to teach Spanish.

Mark Trongone

Professor Mark Trongone, B.A., M.A., A.E.S.

Expertise: All levels of Mathematics

Mr. Trongone is a long time friend and colleague of Mr. Jarrell’s and has been teaching for over 20 years. He currently teaches AP Calculus(AB), Calculus, and Geometry at Wallkill Valley Regional high school and has previously taught courses in Algebra, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus(BC). Along with teaching high school,  Prof. Trongone is an adjunct professor at Montclair State University in the evenings during the fall, spring and summer semesters. He has been teaching college math for 9 years and has taught courses such as Contemporary Math, Pre-Calculus, Business Calculus, Calculus A for science majors, and Calculus II.

Prof. Trongone has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics and an Associates degree in Engineering Science. While in his master’s program, his main course of study was in Non-Linear Dynamics. During this time, he received the “Outstanding Graduate Award” from the College of Mathematical Sciences at Montclair State University.

While He is not teaching math, Prof. Trongone enjoys coaching softball, baseball and watching his two children play sports. He likes to snowboard in the winter and fish and water ski in the summer with his wife and children. They also travel a lot with their kids’ sports teams.

Dr. Corinne S. Abate, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Expertise: College Essays, AP Literature, AP Language and Composition

For over 20 years Dr. Corey Abate has taught all levels of English in private and independent high schools in NJ. During that time she has assisted countless students with their college essays, from helping them to arrive at an essay topic, to following through with the crucial final polishing and editing stages, all while providing support and humor throughout the process. Her experience as a professor at Long Island University, Iona College, and Montclair State University has given her invaluable knowledge on what makes a college essay stand out among the rest. In addition to her expertise in the educational field, Dr. Abate is a published author. She holds a Ph.D. in British Literature from New York University with a concentration in Shakespearean Drama and is certified to teach AP Lit and AP Lang. She looks forward to bringing her expertise to Jarrell Education.

Mr. Jeff Giordano, B.A., M.A., M.A.

Expertise: Special Education, and General Math, History, and English levels

Mr. Giordano has been a Special Education teacher at Wallkill Valley Regional High School for over a decade and is considered one of the top teachers, due to his ability to connect with students who need extra attention and support. During his career at Wallkill Valley, he has taught all levels of History and English to both general education and special education students and has tutored students in most high school subject areas since 2010.  Mr. Giordano holds two Masters degrees, one in the Arts of Teaching from William Paterson University and another in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. Prior to entering the field of education, he received a B.A. in History and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University in 2007. During Mr. Giordano’s time in the high school, he has been fortunate to coach football and golf for many years and is currently running an after-school self-defense kickboxing club for adolescents.  He resides in Wayne with his beautiful daughter Anna.

Kevin Tevis

Mr. Kevin Tevis, B.S., M.S.

Expertise: All levels of Mathematics

From a young age, Mr. Tevis always had a passion for the maths and sciences, it was only natural that he was drawn to a career in engineering. During his high school years, he was an active member of the Mount Olive Robotics Team where we participated in several regional and national competitions.

In 2003 Mr. Tevis began his undergraduate career at Rutgers University where he plunged head first into mechanical engineering.  The classroom was never enough and he was always looking for ways to apply and share his newfound engineering knowledge and skillsets.  While at Rutgers Mr. Tevis became actively engaged in a number of extra-curricular activities including the Engineering Governing Council, Engineers Without Borders, and of course tutoring. He tutored math for the entire 4 years of his undergraduate career and found it extremely rewarding!

Mr. Tevis graduated in from Rutgers in 2007 and immediately began working as an Engineer at Picatinny Arsenal as a US Army civilian.  While working, he continued to further his education and attained a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 at Stevens Institute of Technology; and then an MBA in 2016.  At Picatinny, he has had the privilege to work on a number of different and unique programs including testing the Army’s non-lethal weapon systems (on people!), 3D printing, and x-ray inspection.

Always aspiring to do more, Mr. Tevis was hired by the County College of Morris as an Adjunct Professor for the Math Department in 2016, where he teaches Calculus as well as tutors a wide range of mathematics subjects.

As a teacher at Jarrell Education team, Mr. Tevis is eager to help any student that is willing to learn. It is his promise to make the experience as fun and entertaining as possible!

Lastly, on a personal note, his hobbies/interests include woodworking, skiing, 3D printing, and video games.

Angela Trizcinski - NJ Tutor

Mrs. Angela Trzcinski, B.S., M.S.

Expertise: Chemistry

Mrs. Trzcinski has been teaching Chemistry at Sparta High School for over 25 years and has been a long time colleague of Mr. Jarrell’s. As a teacher of both Honors and AP levels, she exemplifies true mastery of the subject. Mrs. Trzcinski holds both a B.S. and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from Montclair State University. Few people can take the esoteric methodologies behind the subject and make them as understandable as she can. We are happy to have her on board.

Andrew Bayliss

Mr. Andrew Bayliss, B.A., M.A.

Expertise: All levels of mathematics

Mr. Bayliss is a graduate of Rutgers University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Education.  After graduation, he spent two years as an assistant English Teacher in Japan. Upon returning from Japan, he was fortunate to get a job at Sparta High School where he has been teaching mathematics for the last 16 years. Mr. Jarrell and Mr. Bayliss spent years teaching and collaborating together at Sparta High School. He is one of Jarrell Education’s go to math tutors for the high-level math courses. Mr. Bayliss has taught everything from Algebra 1 through BC Calculus.  For the last three years, he has also been teaching Micro and Macro Economics.

Rosie Bayliss

Mrs. Rosie Bayliss, B.A., M.A. 

Expertise: Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, Pre-Algebra

Mrs. Bayliss is a graduate of both Berea College and Christopher Newport University.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching Mathematics at Berea College and a Master of Arts in Teaching at Christopher Newport University.  Mrs. Bayliss also holds a New Jersey Mathematics Supervisor Certificate and conducts Mathematics Education Professional Development for AMTNJ and NJEA Associations.  Mrs. Bayliss has been teaching Mathematics for over 20 years and her specialty is in Geometry.  She has worked for Sparta Township Schools since 2004 where she has collaborated with both Mr. Bayliss (her husband) and Mr. Jarrell.  Mrs. Bayliss currently teaches Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, and Pre-Algebra in Sparta

Travis Everett - NJ Tutor

Mr. Travis Everett, B.S., M.S.

Expertise: Chemistry and Physics

Mr. Everett earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The College of NJ (TCNJ) and a Master of Science in Educational/Instructional Technology from Ramapo College of NJ. He has been a public school teacher for 17 years and has taught various levels of chemistry and physics during that time.  He is well known as one of the best teachers at Morris Knolls High School, earning “Teacher of the Year” in his fourth year. He has also taught in Morris Knolls’ adult school program for 12 years and has been the advisor for the Academic Decathlon team as well. Outside of teaching, he enjoys reading, fishing, and ice hockey.

Mrs. Christiane Wessels

Mrs. Christiane Wessels, M.A. Ed

Expertise: German All levels, including Honors and AP, and French, Levels 1, 2, 3

Mrs. Wessels, a native speaker of German, with near-native fluency in French, was born and raised in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. She studied Intercultural Education, German and Romance Languages at the University of Wuppertal, Germany where she received her M.A.Ed.

Mrs. Wessels holds teaching certifications for both, German and French, and inspires and pushes her students to succeed in language learning. She is a long time colleague of Mr. Jarrell’s and has been successfully teaching all levels of German, including Honors and AP at Sparta HS since 2001. She has also spent many summers in France with her French husband’s family and friends, perfecting her French language skills and appreciation of francophone culture.

Mrs. Wessels previously taught German and French at County College of Morris. She offers a wealth of experience in regards to learning and teaching languages as well as to exploring and adapting to life in another country.

Mr. Serge Wessels,  M.A. BUGHS Wuppertal (Germany)

Expertise: All levels of French from beginners to AP

Mr. Wessels is a French native speaker who was born and grew up 10 miles south of Paris. In High School, he focused his studies on languages, English, German, Spanish, basic Chinese and a lot of French. Mr. Wessels later moved to Germany where he worked and studied. This is where he obtained an M.A. in French and German linguistics from the University of Wuppertal in Germany. This is also where he met his wife and where his first son was born. Mr. Wessels and Mr. Jarrell worked together for many years at Sparta High School. He is currently teaching French at Sparta High School and is experienced with all levels, including many years of teaching the AP French.

Previously Mr. Wessels taught French in Europe in private school settings for students of all ages as well as in the US at the County College of Morris (CCM) and for the Parsippany Troy Hills Schools District (PHS and PHHS). Before teaching, he worked for a translation software company in the US, which makes him particularly knowledgeable in the advantages and shortcomings of translation systems.

Mr. Wessels strives to get the best out of his students in a challenging and nurturing environment, where students should feel welcomed and comfortable to learn and to improve. His longtime experience at teaching all levels of French in various settings enables him to recognize and understand the challenges his students face and to help them improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of the language.

Mr. Wessels teaching philosophy is based on the premise that learning another language is opening new doors and accessing different cultures. He practiced his philosophy while traveling to and living in various countries, before settling down in the US.

In the rare moments, when Mr. Wessels is not busy with schoolwork, he enjoys spending time with his family, his two big dogs, woodworking, gardening, working on various projects and spending time on the computer a.o. to learn new programming languages.

Kyle Antonowich - NJ Tutor

Mr. Kyle Antonowich, A.S., B.S.

Expertise: STEM and Engineering

Mr. Antonowich graduated from Rutgers School of Engineering with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and is currently working as a Mechanical Engineer at Catbridge Machinery in Montville NJ. On top of his Engineering background, Mr. Antonowich is also the head coach of the Pope John XXIII High School Varsity Robotics Team. He has been tutoring math and science since 2012 and currently specializes in SAT and ACT test prep. Outside of work, Mr. Antonowich has numerous hobbies to keep him busy; from building and flying FPV racing drones, competing in time trials with his track car and photography, to playing guitar and producing animation and video game scores for college students in digital arts programs.

As a content creator for Jarrell Education’s M.E.C. Academy, Mr. Antonowich’s goal is to never lose his sense of wonder for the world we live in. He is sympathetic towards those who say they are bored or complain that there is nothing to do. The world is an amazing place and we are lucky enough to live in a day and age where there is almost limitless knowledge at our fingertips. M.E.C. Academy is a program designed for the digital age, where age no longer correlates intelligence, and knowledge is no longer bound by the ivory walls of old.

Ms. Erika Sherger

Expertise: Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2

Ms. Sherger has been teaching and tutoring physics for 16 years and is currently the AP Physics 1 and 2 teacher and the Engineering Club Advisor at Wayne Hills High School in Wayne, NJ. Her classes are engaging and fun, filled with hands-on and inquiry-based activities and lots of engaging demonstrations. Ms. Sherger teaches her students to think for themselves by focusing on reasoning and critical thinking skills and by training them to write clearly and concisely. She is a very active member of the AAPT and the NJAAPT and attends meetings and workshops with other physics teachers regularly. Two years ago, Ms. Sherger was invited to Kansas City to serve as an annual AP Reader for both the AP Physics 1 and the AP Physics 2 Exams, where she rubs elbows with the best physics teachers and professors in the world, learning first-hand what cool things other physics instructors are doing in their classrooms! Her involvement in the grading process has given her a great deal of insight into what is required for the student’s success both in the physics classroom and on the AP Physics Exams.

Mike Petrucelli - NJ Tutor

Mr. Mike Petrucelli, B.S.

Expertise: SAT Math, ACT Math, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus

Mr. Petrucelli earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Montclair State University. As the AP Calculus teacher at Kinnelon High School, Mr. Petrucelli is known as the ace in one of the most difficult subjects in all of mathematics. Nevertheless, Mr. Petrucelli has become an expert in all of the mathematics that lead up to Calculus: Algebra, Geometry, and pre-calculus. Mr. Petrucelli has been teaching for over a decade and is one of our most popular tutors, often employing his expertise in teaching the SAT and ACT. He is also a well-loved soccer coach at Kinnelon High School. Mr. Jarrell had the honor of teaching Mr. Petrucelli as a high school student years ago, and we are thrilled to have such talent working at Jarrell Education.

Bill Franklin - NJ Tutor

Mr. Bill Franklin, B.A., M.A.T.

Expertise: Algebra and Geometry

Mr. Franklin is a veteran educator with decades of teaching experience and a MAT in Mathematics from Rutgers University. He has been recognized as an outstanding educator in NJ and Illinois. Mr. Franklin has taught just about every high school math course offered by his schools at levels ranging from Remedial General Math to AP Calculus. His AP Calculus students scored extremely well on AP tests year after year. Mr. Franklin has also taught Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Computer courses at College Prep and/or Honors levels. After school, he coached wrestling and ran a Chess Club. We are thrilled that Mr. Franklin is spending his retirement continuing to further students’ mathematical knowledge at Jarrell Education. He is and has always been an inspired educator.

Ilene Franklin, MA

Mrs. Ilene Franklin, B.A., M.A.

Expertise: Study Skills and Chemistry

Ilene is Jarrell Education’s  Director of Client Services. She is a retired science teacher, has Comprehensive Certification in Science Grades 6-12. While earning her MA in Biology from William Paterson College, she specialized in Molecular Biology. For over ten summers, she instructed high school girls selected to participate in the “Douglass Science Institute For Young Women” at Rutgers. She also instructed teachers at the National Institute For Biology Teachers at the Waksman Institute in Piscataway. She was one of two NJ teachers chosen to receive a Fellowship from Schering-Plough Research in Bloomfield, which spanned three summers, during which time she designed experiments in smooth muscle physiology for students.  Most of her decades of experience involved teaching chemistry at high school and community college levels. She was the first teacher in her school district to be named, “Sussex County Star-Ledger Teacher-Scholar”.

During her free time, Ilene loves to sing. She was very active in the A Capella Women’s Chorus, “Harmony in Motion”, where she performed with a breakout Barbershop Quartet, “Mixed Nuts”. Briefly, she was a barbershop “Sweet Adeline”, just before coming on board with Jarrell Education. Her fondest (and most distant) theatre memories include having had lead roles in, “Pajama Game “ (Babe), “Fiddler” (Hodel), “Kiss Me Kate” (Bianca/Lois), and  “1776” (Abigail Adams), and the drama “Wait Until Dark” (Suzy Hendrix) with MMTA in Illinois. But all of these roles pale next to her favorite role, “Grandma” to her 4 beautiful granddaughters.

Howard McKenzie

Mr. Howard McKenzie, B.A., M.A. 

Expertise: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, SAT/ACT

Mr. Mckenzie has been a teacher of mathematics on various levels of the educational spectrum for over 30 years. For the past 12 years, he has been with Hoboken School District. Mr. McKenzie is a supervisor, math coach, member of the Response To Invention Team, and an integral part of the curriculum writing team in the school district. Mr. McKenzie has been an Adjunct Professor for the Math Department at County College of Morris since 2006. He has taught a myriad of college courses from remedial Algebra to Pre-calculus. For the past fifteen years, Mr. McKenzie has also worked as an online reader/leader for a number of programs associated with Pearson and Educational Testing Services. From state exams in Texas to California, Mr. McKenzie has worked on scoring a number of mathematics exams that has deepened his understanding of math pedagogy.

Mr. McKenzie is a proud graduate of Iona College in New Rochelle, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education. He also received his master’s degree in Mathematics Education from Villanova University, along with a masters degree from NYU in School Administration.

Linda Bakelmun

Mrs. Linda Bakelmun, BSEE, MSE

Expertise: Conceptual and Honors Physics, AP Physics I, AP Physics C

Mrs. Bakelmun earned her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she worked in the aerospace industry while pursuing her Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Additionally, during this time, Mrs. Bakelmun taught two college-level courses; Introduction to Engineering, and Electromagnetic Fields and Waves at Fairleigh Dickinson University. During her association with the aerospace industry, she was involved in various space programs such as Cassini, the satellite that was recently burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn to complete its mission, operating well beyond its life expectancy. Linda was also co-leader of an Explorer’s program held at her company, where the student members learned about circuits and electronics. After leaving the industry, she worked part-time as a consultant to various engineering firms.

In 2000, Mrs. Bakelmun decided to venture into a new profession, inspiring students in the subject of physics. She has been at Wayne Hills High School since 2003 and has taught the following courses: Honors, CP, Enriched and Conceptual Physics, and AP Physics B. She has been teaching AP Physics C since it was offered at Wayne Hills in 2005. She has also taught Electricity and Electronics and a college level course: Selected Topics in Physics. Mrs. Bakelmun is also the advisor for all levels of the physics portions of Science League.

To further her delivery techniques, Mrs. Bakelmun has been an active member of the NJAAPT where she has frequently attended their physics workshops and demonstrations.

In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and exploring National Parks (and reading and learning about physics of course!).

Charles Dobbs

Mr. Charles Dobbs, B.A., M.B.A., M.S.

Expertise: SAT, ACT, Statistics, All levels of Mathematics

Mr. Dobbs is a lifelong learner, with a passion for math, music, and science. After graduating with a bachelors in Music from the University of Arizona, Mr. Dobbs continued his secondary education by pursuing a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Finance at Indiana University. Upon graduating with two masters degrees from Indiana University, Mr. Dobbs worked for several years in finance for companies such as Toys R Us and Raytheon Missile Systems.  During this time, he also worked with students as a private tutor and teaching SAT and ACT courses.  He now works as a manager of business intelligence for Verizon Wireless and brings that passion for analytics and math to Jarrell Education as a tutor.  Mr. Dobbs has practical expertise in all levels of high school math, and many areas of advanced math (including calculus, linear algebra, and statistics), and can usually answer the question “where will I ever use this” with a solid real-world example.  Mr. Dobbs is currently pursuing his fourth degree in Computer Science at Thomas Edison State University. In his spare time, Mr. Dobbs also enjoys spending time with his wife and son, playing games, and playing rugby.

Adam Smith, MS - New Jersey Tutor

Mr. Adam Smith, B.S., M.S.

Expertise: AP Chemistry and ACT Science Section

Mr. Smith has been teaching Chemistry and AP Chemistry at Kinnelon High School for almost two decades.  There, he is widely known as one of the best teachers at the school, consistently enabling his AP students to score in the top ten percent of AP Chemistry test takers. Mr. Smith is a dedicated teacher and that spirit shows when he tutors at Jarrell Education.  A consummate renaissance man, Mr. Smith is also an adroit musician – often performing with the pit orchestras at Kinnelon High School musicals and at other venues statewide.

Mr. William Indek, B.A., M.A.

Expertise: College Advisor

Mr. Indek received a B.A. and M.A. from Syracuse University in Social Studies and Guidance. He has 36 years of experience as a high school guidance counselor and Department Chairperson at Glen Ridge High School. While visiting over 560 colleges and universities, he has met with admissions personnel as well as students and faculty, making him well prepared to help high school juniors and seniors navigate the college selection and admission process. Mr. Indek is a member of the College Board as well as H.E.S.A.A. His expertise has been used for various articles printed in the New York Times. He has coordinated College Fairs and served as a Student Advisor at the Mid-Atlantic College Fair in Edison, NJ, where over 300 colleges and universities were present. Mr. Indek is an active member of the NJ Association of College Admissions Counselor Association as well as the Essex County Guidance Association. He is also Past President and College Trip Advisor for the Essex County Guidance Association and Supervisors Association. Mr. Indek also presents workshops for parent and student groups on the College Admissions process- including writing the essay, interview techniques, procedures, uses of standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, and financial aid. Mr. Indek provides researched reports on 20 colleges that match the student in terms of interests, major, size of the school, cost, etc. He also helps with strategies to improve chances at acceptance, as well as critiques application materials for the student and gives guidance on how to maximize the benefits of the college visit. One of Mr. Indek’s many achievements includes being named teacher of the Year and being elected to the Athletic Hall of Fame as a track Coach at  Glen Ridge H.S.