SAT Prep Course

Mr. Jarrell started teaching his first private SAT classes in Sparta back in 2003. He has refined every detail of the class and has been sought out by students all over the country. We’ve looked at every aspect of each test and created classes that maximize student time and effort as well as keep parents informed about their child’s progress.

ACT Prep Course

Our courses do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” philosophy.  Each section of our course is taught by an expert teacher in that field, a veteran teacher with experience in dealing with ACT tests for all student-learning levels. Our Prep classes offer a combination of common curriculum pedagogy with standardized prep methodologies and Saturday test simulations that mimic the testing environment.

Test Simulations

Jarrell Education offers complimentary test simulations for the SAT and ACT. Taking a test simulation offers a perfect opportunity to put your SAT or ACT lessons to the test – and to learn from your mistakes. Our test simulations mimic the real SAT and allow you to complete a self-paced practice test on your laptop/desktop computer.

One-on-one or small classes

At Jarrell Education, our teachers are not just tutors, they are experts in their field and are teaching in the classroom every day. We seek out the best teachers in the local school districts, in order to provide students with a top-quality education. Students are matched with teachers who have extensive knowledge of the particular subject they are looking to learn.

Get a head start or fill in the gaps. With Mr. Jarrell’s extensive experience teaching in the Mountain Lakes, Sparta, and Pope John school districts, he has built a top-notch team of teachers who know how to communicate with your child’s teacher and help them succeed.

Our teachers are from high schools all over Morris and Sussex County. They know the curriculum because they write the curriculum.

The best teachers, all under one roof.

College Essay and Advising

The college application process can be daunting. Let us help make your college application process easier and more refined. Jarrell Education’s College Advisors, Mr. Indek, Dr. Abate, and Mr. Giordano have decades of experience and will help prepare your high school juniors and seniors navigate the college selection and admission process.