The weight students and parents alike put on the SAT exam typically leads to purchasing thick study guide books filled with practice exams. While these books certainly contain valuable information, the true key to success on these exams lies in knowing how they are written; tutoring services like Jarrell Education can help students better understand the formulaic layout of these tests and crack the code to that elusive perfect score. 

The Scholastic Aptitude Test has survived many evolutions in its almost 100-year history, most notably the addition of the optional essay and the brief change from 1600 to 2400 points in 2005. As of 2020, the test is back to its original 1600 points and split into three sections — Reading, Writing & Language, and Math –which are to be completed in 180 minutes; and that’s not counting the optional 50-minute essay. 

The College Board, which writes and administers the SAT, mercifully writes the exam in a way that students can utilize tried and true test-taking strategies and common sense to ease the burden of overwhelmingly long and content-dense exams. For example, SAT questions have three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard; yet, each question is worth one point. It’s also worth noting that, typically, the easier questions are asked earlier in each section. With this knowledge of the exam in mind, students can strategically answer the easier questions first and save the more difficult ones for later; since all questions are worth the same, it’s better to answer five easy questions correctly in five minutes, rather than spend the same five minutes on one difficult question, only to get it wrong. 

Knowing the types of questions asked on the exam is another strategy tutors like those at Jarrell Education can teach students in order to better navigate these standardized tests. For example, an overwhelming majority of questions asked in the ACT English section assess a students’ knowledge of correct comma, colon, and dash usage. If more questions are about this usage and mechanics skill–as opposed to adjectives vs. adverbs, which is rarely assessed on the exam–students can utilize their study time more wisely on skills they know will appear most on the exam. 

Mr. Jarrell started teaching his first private SAT classes in Sparta back in 2003. He has refined every detail of the class and has been sought out by students all over the country.

Our courses do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” philosophy.  Each section of our course is taught by a veteran teacher with an advanced degree in their field, who has experience in dealing with all student-learning levels. We’ve looked at every aspect of each test and created classes that maximize student time and effort as well as keep parents informed about their child’s progress.

At Jarrell Education, we understand that parents want to be able to track their child’s progress.   That’s why we offer weekly feedback as to whether or not assignments are completed and how their child performed.

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  • Twice weekly feedback on the student’s progress
  • Rigorous test preparation concepts and strategies
  • Limited class size

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