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“Mr. Jarrell taught me more in 7, 1-hour tutoring sessions than I learned in 3 college-level courses. He helped me through Multivariable Calculus by not only helping me pass the class but giving me an understanding of how each concept actually works and its relationship to every other level math course back to Algebra 1. It’s one thing to memorize equations and how to apply them and its a completely different thing to understand WHY the equations work. The lessons I’ve learned are unforgettable because of the way all math courses are connected. If you want to pass your class AND gain an appreciation for math as a whole, Mr. Jarrell is your guy. I would 100% recommend.”

College Student
“I just wanted to let you know that I got a 1470 on my SAT! I know I really wanted to crack a 1500 but I’m actually very happy with this score because I got a 790 on the math section (legit like basically a perfect score, so I’ll be in really good shape for super-scoring). Thanks for all of the help prepping me for the test!”
SAT Student

“I used Jarrell Education for an ACT Test Simulation. Within a day I had a full pdf regarding my strengths and weaknesses on the test. They made it so I didn’t have to take 2 ACTs before I took the one I am using to go to college. The whole process, from registering to getting my grade report, was smooth. Highly recommend!”

ACT Student

“Dr. Hier could help you make brushing your cat into an epic poem of contemporary literary significance. 5/5 stars, would take the class again.”

AP English Student

“I don’t know if he told you, but my son made a big decision at the end of the summer and dropped football. He decided that he wanted to devote himself to his studies and didn’t believe he could really do that and be part of the Herd at the same time. My husband and I think it’s a mature decision and totally support it. When I asked him what factors influenced his decision, one of the first things he mentioned was his time working with you last spring. You really helped open his eyes to his potential, so I thank you for that.”

Mountain Lakes Parent

“Mr. Jarrell, Each academic year we ask students admitted to MIT to share with us the name of a teacher who has been especially influential in their development. We congratulate you on being named this year.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I don’t know if I ever told you this, but at the beginning of the year, I thought math was dumb and irrelevant. Your class really changed my perspective on that. You were one of the biggest influences that pushed me to want to pursue STEM in the future. Thank you for that.”

AP Calculus student

“I believe that you truly are the best teacher in Mountain Lakes. There is no teacher more passionate, entertaining, and reasonable than you. It has been a pleasure being your student last year and this year.”

Honors Precalculus and AP Calculus student

“Thank you for teaching me that there is so much more to math. That math is everywhere and everything. You inspired me to be an engineer and I can’t thank you enough.”

Honors Precalculus student

“Thank you for my favorite math class ever! I never knew that parabolas and sine graphs could actually be fun to learn about.”

Honors Precalculus student

“I wanted to write to you in order to tell you what an effect you had on me during such an important time in my life. I was really doubting my math abilities and considered dropping the honors math path. As cheesy as it sounds, you literally changed my life. I have no doubt that I will be coming home from college to get some more help from Jedi Jarrell.”

Honors Precalculus and AP Calculus student

“I’ve sent two kids to Jarrell Education and will send a third next year. They are consummate professionals. I like the fact that they are veterans of the public school system, I feel like they took the best of that system with them and now concentrate on my kids. Ultimately, all of the money I spent there came back in the form of merit scholarships – with interest!”

Mountain Lakes Parent
“I have two high school daughters, both have been seeing Mr. Jarrell for tutoring at math and science subjects for a few years. They love Mr. Jarrell and always got great results after tutoring at school test, quiz etc. Their grade and GPA have been improved a lots. Most important is they have learned the unique study skills and understand completely the concepts in and out, which they will carry to the college and the rest of their life. I have referred Mr. Jarrell to other parents and they are all very happy with the service, and have been staying with him for long time. My daughters always tell me that Mr. Jarrell is a genius and the funniest tutor who they have ever had.”
Mountain Lakes Parent

“Amazing teacher !! Both my girls loved math because he made it very interesting and easy for them.”

Mountain Lakes Parent

“This has been a very good experience for my son in so many ways. He will have a better idea of how the experience feels. He’ll be more conscious of ways to be better prepared, rested, etc. and now he knows where he has to focus to improve his score in both, the Math and Verbal sections. Thank you and best regards”

Test Simulation Parent

“Wow.  As soon as we got in the car last night, my son asked if he could join the next M.E.C. Academy Course.  He’s excited for next year and will hopefully enjoy the next aspect of the class. Thank you for everything you do for the kids.”

M.E.C. Academy Parent

“Hi Ms. Sherger, I just wanted to reach out to let you know that I got a 5 on the AP Physics 1 exam! Thank you so much for all of your help, I definitely believe that it made a huge difference in helping me prepare! Thank you!”

AP Physics 1 Prep Course Student

“Just letting you know that my daughter earned an “A” in Physics this year. We are very happy!”

Morris Knolls Parent

“Thanks, Jim and Kyle for spending the time and effort you do to put these programs together…they’re special and certainly “Elite”.”

μLab Drone Camp Parent