New Jersey ACT Test Simulation

New Jersey SAT Test SimulationDid you know that some colleges require students to submit their entire standardized testing history? Or that more students are taking both the ACT and the SAT? In fact, about a quarter of applicants submit ACT as well as SAT scores, in order to do everything they can to get into their college of choice.

Test simulations allow a student to practice as many times as they want, before taking the real test, thereby eliminating the pressure to ace it the first or second time. Test simulations also give students information on where their strengths and weaknesses lie so that improvement happens at a faster rate.

Jarrell Education offers SAT/ACT Test Simulations by appointment:

  • Parents will receive a full score report, complete with a pdf of every question they got wrong, within 24 hours of finishing the test.
  • Correct answers are provided

Once you fill out the form below, Ilene will contact you, or you can email her at to set up a date and time for the test simulation.

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